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Suez Shipyard Facilities


Pricipale daimention and facilities :

Length overall                                                                   302.00 m

Length of the pontoon                                                      270.00 m

Breadth overall                                                                   71.08 m

Breadth between the rails of the gantry crane                70.50 m

Outer breadth between the side walls on the outside    66.50 m

Inner width between the side walls on the inside            56.50 m

Clear width between the fenders                                      55.00 m

Height                                                                                  21.31 m

Height of the pontoon on the centre line                            6.00 m

Height of the blocks                                                             2.00 m

Draught over the blocks                                                      9.20 m

Round of beam pontoon deck                                            0.05 m

Freeboard pontoon deck on the centre line                      0.50 m

Freeboard upper deck                                                        4.10 m

Height between upper deck and tween deck                   3.20 m

Height between safety deck and tween deck                   3.50 m



Pricipale daimention and facilities :

Length                                               140 m

Breadth                                             22 m

Docking capacity

Equipped with 2 cranes                  10 / 15 tonnes


Pricipale daimention and facilities :

Lifting capacity                                       900 tonnes

Platform length                                       58 m

Platform width                                        16 m

Number of berths                                   5


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